You have the power to change these statistics

You have the power to stop child sexual abuse

We are a non-profit dedicated to educating people and organizations on prevention so that we can eliminate child sexual abuse. 

Prepare Them, Don’t Scare Them!

We teach our kids about stranger danger, drug use, earthquake preparedness, fire safety, and active shooters on campus. The statistics show that the #1 safety threat to kids under 18 is child sexual abuse.  It is happening every day in every neighborhood, every school, every sports organization and church. Child sexual abuse prevention should be treated like all other safety matters. All adults should be formally trained how to prevent abuse and empower kids.

Safety 1st Program 

Safety 1st Program is for schools and youth-serving organizations to show parents and the community they are dedicated to putting kids' Safety 1st.


Events & Conferences

We offer private and customized training for schools and youth-serving organizations. We offer public training for parents and individuals. We speak at conferences and community events.

CSA Prevention Training

Child Sexual Abuse is predictable and preventable. Training will teach you how prevent and react to child sexual abuse. This is NOT the same as CA Mandated Reporter Training, this training focuses on prevention!