Educate to Eliminate is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit

Message from Christy Heiskala, Founder of Educate to Eliminate

When I started training people on child sexual abuse prevention, I never intended to create my own company or non-profit. I volunteered for many different organizations that are trying to prevent abuse. I became a certified facilitator of Darkness to Light Stewards of Children and was on the path to becoming an instructor to train new facilitators when I realized I enjoy being the boots on the ground. I want to train face-to-face with parents, teachers, coaches, and clergy.

I have received formal training from many different organizations on a wide-variety of prevention and intervention subjects such as suicide, bullying, internet / cyber safety, child sexual abuse,  sexual assault, and bystander intervention. I believe they are all connected and share common roots and consequences. I wanted to be a part of an organization that truly encompassed all of it so I founded Educate to Eliminate.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to educate the masses on prevention so that we can eliminate the pandemic of abuse. 

Our Vision:

Educate to Eliminate seeks a world where consent and body safety are the highest priorities instead of the highest risk to our youth. 

Board of Directors:

Christy Heiskala, Founder and President

Christy is a mother of a survivor of child sexual abuse and a survivor of abuse herself. Christy has a degree in Marketing. For twenty-four years, Christy did business development for companies that design and build biotech facilities across the West Coast. After her daughter used the skills Christy taught her to catch a teacher who had abused his students for seven years, she decided to dedicate her life to preventing abuse.

Leanna Apodaca, Secretary

Leanna is a mother who is passionate about educating youths and providing support in lower economic communities. She has a Bachelors Degree in Liberal Arts with a concentration in English Language Arts. She has a Masters Degree in Administrative Services. Leanna has been a teacher for sixteen years, including ten years with an Early College Program (RECHS). She has been in a variety of leadership positions such as Department Chair, Data Team Leader, Professional Learning Community Leader, Union Representative and various club advisory positions. 

Nichole McDonald, Director

Nichole is a mother and creative genius. She is also founder and CEO of Sash, Incorporated a company she built from scratch to revenues of almost $3 million within the first 5 years. 

Hillery M. Stones, Treasurer

HIllery M. Stones is a mother and business law attorney. She previously worked in education and has a passion for helping keep kids safe.