Do you want to teach adults and kids about healthy boundaries and how to keep kids safe?

Take the Educate to Eliminate certification course and become certified to teach child sexual abuse prevention.

The Child Molestation Research and Prevention Institute says that 95% of abuse can be prevented through education. Kids need adults like you who are willing to teach others about prevention.

Qualifications to be considered:

  • Teaching child sexual abuse prevention is so important but not so easy to teach. If you are a survivor of abuse, it is best if you are far along in your healing journey so that the topic or questions you may be asked will not be triggering.

  • Practicing self-care is a must. You must have the time and space to take care of your needs so that you can be fully present to train others.

  • Background Check

  • Interview

  • Certification Course completed

Each certification course includes:

  • Proprietary Curriculum from Educate to Eliminate, Inc.

  • Trauma-informed communication skills training

  • Workbook

  • On-going support and continued education resources

  • Access to Resource Database

  • Access to full library of books and other documents

  • Getting Started Guide

  • Handouts to share with others

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