Australia #1, United States #2 top rated countries for child abuse

Australia #TravelForGood

Australia is the #1 country in the world for child abuse with almost 50,000 cases reported each year. The United States comes in at #2, with almost 30,000 cases reported each year. I recently entered a contest through Travelocity called Travel for Good. To enter the contest, I had to write where I would like to go, what cause I would be supporting and why. 

Here is an excerpt from my entry: 

I would like to #travelforgood to Australia because it is ranked the #1 country in the world for the highest rate of child abuse with almost 50,000 cases reported each year. As a survivor of child abuse myself, I taught my daughter from the time she was two years old to speak up if she was touched inappropriately. In 2007, she did exactly what I taught her when her third grade teacher molested her. She was called a hero by the District Attorney because she was the first to come forward. Turns out he had been molesting his students for the entire seven years he taught. We fought long and hard for justice and our case was published by the Supreme Court and now used to set precedence for other cases.

Since 2007, I have been consulting with families going through similar situations and training others how to prevent it. A couple of years ago, I decided I had to focus on this full-time. I quit my lucrative job and sold my house to fund my goal of training 1,000,000 people in my lifetime. I went through a ton of training through various organizations and became a Certified Facilitator from Darkness to Light. I started Educate to Eliminate to train parents, youth-serving organizations and schools on how to predict, prevent and react to child sexual abuse.

I love to travel and actually have used Travelocity’s website often for my planning. I haven’t been able to travel as much these last couple of years but hope that will change now that I am gaining momentum in my field and will speaking at conferences all over the US and hopefully abroad someday. I would like to travel to Australia because in all of my research they have the greatest need and some of the best experts in the field so it would be two-fold for me. I would be able to learn from the best and put my personal story to good use training others.