Come see me speak at the Charter School Development Conference

Happy to announce I was chosen to be a speaker at the annual Charter School Development Conference in December in San Francisco, CA. It is an honor to be chosen because they get hundreds of submissions. Here is the topic I will be presenting on:

Reduce the Risk to Your Students, Staff, and School by turning Bystanders into Upstanders.    

Bullying, sexual assault, school shootings, human trafficking, suicide, and self-harm have become embedded into the culture of our schools. These situations all have common ingredients that are a recipe for risk to students, staff, and schools. Case studies show that bystanders are often present and can make a real difference in the outcome of situations.    

Learn how to engage parents, students, staff, and peers to prevent, identify, and address behaviors that lead to these safety issues. Learn how to create a culture of consent, respect, and validation using real life case studies, hands-on exercises, and powerful questioning.   


2018 CSDC conference logo.JPG