95% of Sexual Abuse is Preventable through education per the Child Molestation Research and Prevention Institute

Learn how to Predict, Prevent and React to Child Sexual Abuse

"The children most at risk of being sexually abused by these groomers are the children surrounded by adults who cannot stomach learning about child sexual abuse. Child molesters deliberately associate with adults who cannot address these issues. They seek out adults who worry about hurting people's feelings. They charm adults who do not believe it could happen." From the book, The Socially Skilled Child Molester, by Carla van Dam PhD, leading clinical and forensic psychologist.

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training - Entrenamiento en español disponible pronto

Educate to Eliminate offers a deep dive training into Child Sexual Abuse Prevention that weaves together research and training from the best in the field along with personal and professional true stories. It is an interactive training that is guaranteed to teach you the facts versus myths we have all grown up believing. We will cover these topics (and more!):

  • How to set and reinforce boundaries that apply to everyone so you do not have to worry about offending anyone. How to discuss these boundaries with your friends, family, and anywhere you leave your child in the care of others.

  • How to identify red flags and grooming behaviors that could be putting kids at risk. Predators use grooming behaviors to get children, parents, co-workers, and all adults around them to trust, believe, and even defend them. This is the #1 way they get access to your kids.

  • WHEN to intervene and HOW to intervene with you see, sense, or hear inappropriate behavior.

  • How to perform your own background checks because the fingerprint scans that organizations use only catch 3% of predators and fail our children daily.

  • Conversation starters you can use regularly with your kids that will get them to open up about what is happening in their life.

  • How to prepare kids without scaring kids.

  • The top methods for reducing the risk to your kids.

  • How to respond in a trauma-informed manner when something happens to your child. The response to disclosure is the #1 indicator of how a child will heal and be able to move forward. The wrong response can sometimes cause more harm than the abuse itself.

This training is for adults, 18 years and older and is not appropriate for children or teens. We have age-appropriate training and curriculum for kids and teens that also covers bullying, self-esteem, consent, respect, and healthy relationships. Contact us for more information.

This training is open to all adults, not just parents. This training is applicable to those who work with children if they would like to attend as an individual. We also offer training specific to schools and youth-serving organizations. Contact us for more information.

Curriculum is audience-based and age-appropriate. Curriculum is the intellectual property of Educate to Eliminate, Inc. developed by the founder, Christy Heiskala after more than a decade of training from the Department of Justice and Child Safety Organizations, working as a CASA - Court Appointed Special Advocate for foster kids, hordes of research from leading psychologists, advocates and prosecutors, personal and professional experience working with survivors, and volunteering for numerous child safety organizations and the Center for Community Solutions as a SART - Sexual Assault Response Team Advocate.

Christy Heiskala is also a Certified Facilitator of Darkness To Light Stewards of Children® Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training. Christy provides this training upon request as an introduction to child sexual abuse prevention and highly recommends the deeper dive training by Educate to Eliminate as a follow up.

This training is a game changer. I attended this training hoping to learn about how to spot a child predator. Instead what I learned is the framework I can put in place to not have to spot a child predator. Setting boundaries has changed my life and allowed me to live in less fear about my daughter. I also took steps to set boundaries around a family member that makes me suspicious. I feel more empowered and educated about this issue. I also learned important techniques on how to speak to my daughter about her body. Christy has not only the statistics, but the tools and action you can implement in your own life. This training way exceeded my expectations and should be mandatory for parents and educators.
— Amanda Allen, Attorney and Mother
I was pretty stunned after this training. I feel like I’m so vigilant and informed. But I could barely breathe by the end of it. It’s just unbelievable how much you can think you know but don’t. And it’s really hard to know exactly how to approach things with your kids. But it’s something we should talk about more often.
— Nichole MacDonald, mother
I recently attended Christy Heiskala’s training on Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse. It was an “eye opener”! Her group training workshop covered some alarming stats about child sexual abuse. I realized that “stranger danger” is not so much a worry as people you know and trust may be. The training incorporated education and insights from Christy, an informative video which included interviews from victims and group discussions. The effects of sexual abuse can be so damaging to victims throughout their whole life. I never want this to happen to my child, or any child for that matter. I walked away from Christy’s training with a clear view of how I can prevent this from happening to my daughter and have an awareness of child predator behaviors (since most offenders of children are someone we know). A helpful workbook was also included for us to take home. I now have policies and procedures in place to prevent sexual abuse from happening to my child and others. Thank you for your passion and dedication to this cause Christy!
— Lisa Marie Rowell
Very informative. It’s heart breaking but the statistics don’t lie; it happens. This class helps you to watch out for signs and helps educate your children as well.
— Yuleni