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Child Sexual Abuse Prevention - Deep Dive into Identifying Grooming & Empowering Your Kids


Be prepared, not scared! I will give you the tools to empower you and your children. Formal training reduces the risk to your child by 95%!

The bad news:

1 out of 3 girls and 1 out of 6 boys will be molested by the age of 18.

90% of them will be molested by someone they know, trust, and possibly love.

1 out of 10 students will be a victim of sexual misconduct by school personnel. 

Child molesters deliberately target those who do not educate themselves, are too uncomfortable to talk about it, too polite to speak up.

The good news: 95% of sexual abuse is preventable through education per the Child Molestation Research and Prevention Institute.

This is a follow up course to the previous training I provided. You do not need to attend the first training to benefit from the second. 

In this training, we will take a deep dive into these topics:

Conversation Starters - the key to getting your kids to open up about everything going on in their life

How to set and reinforce boundaries that apply to everybody - how to have the tough conversations with friends and family.

Who, what, when, how, where to report abuse

How to spot grooming - the most important thing you must learn to protect your child

How to do your own background checks - because the background checks schools and youth-serving organizations do will not catch a predator more than 90% of the time.

Age-appropriate methods for empowering your kids to know consent, healthy/unhealthy touch, autonomy, and how to trust their gut. These skills will help them in every area of their lives, for the rest of their lives.