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Child Sexual Abuse Prevention & Bystander Intervention

Children are molested by someone they know and trust more than 90% of the time.

30% by their own family members, 60% by teachers, coaches, clergy, counselors, neighbors, friends' family

Learn how to set boundaries that apply to everyone so you don't have to worry about offending anyone.

Learn how to spot signs of Grooming - the methods used by predators to gain the trust of you, your kids, and everyone around them.

Learn how to do your own background checks because the fingerprint scans required by law won't catch more than 90% of child predators.

Learn how to create an environment where child predators will not succeed.

Learn conversation starters that will get your kids to open up about their day.

Learn how to empower your kids to speak up when they are struggling.

Learn how to turn bystanders into upstanders and protect future victims from abuse.

Learn about the increasing rise in child-on-child abuse starting as early as Kindergarten.

Learn how to raise a child in an environment that expects and respects consent and personal space.

All of the skills you will learn in this workshop can help you empower your child into adulthood. The topics covered help with bullying, sexual assault, harassment, self-esteem, self-harm, and suicide prevention.

This class is for adults 18+ and older, no children allowed. We also offer training for private groups at the location of your choice, minimum requirement. Age-appropriate training for children, tweens, and teens, also available. Call for more info 619-354-9553