In 2007, my daughter was molested by her third-grade teacher. Using what I taught her, she was able to stop a child molester who had been molesting his students for seven years. Since then, through extensive training, I have learned what grooming behavior is and know there were many red flags that myself and the school shoud have and would have caught had we been trained on what to look for. I have made it my life's work to teach parents, schools, and youth-serving organizations how to predict, prevent, and react to child sexual abuse and sexual assault.

Silence is compliance. When we are not educating ourselves and those who are trusted with our kids we are allowing this to happen. The only way we are going to stop this epidemic is to educate to eliminate!

The Problem:

The Solution:

95% of sexual abuse is preventable through education. (Child Molestation Research and Prevention Institute)

Consequences - We are killing the future potential of our kids and students, victims of child sexual abuse: 

  • Perform lower on cognitive ability, academic achievement and memory assessment
  • Have 3 – 4 X higher percentage of substance abuse
  • Have a significant increase in truancy and drop-out rates
  • Have 2.2 X higher percentage of teen pregnancy
  • Have 3 to 5 X rate of delinquency and crime
  • Have a 2 x higher percentage of PTSD including anxiety, depression, and suicide
  • Have a 2 x higher percentage of obesity and eating disorders
  • 30% more likely to have diabetes, cancer, heart problems, stroke or hypertension
  • Life expectancy is 10 – 20 years less than people who have not been abused

Economic Impact (in addition to emotional cost the victims and their families bear):

As a tax-payer you'll be shocked to find out. The average lifetime cost per victim of child abuse is $210,012* costing the U.S. billions annually. These expenses are largely paid for by the public sector - the taxpayer.

The costs include:

  • Healthcare costs
  • Criminal justice costs
  • Child welfare costs
  • Special education costs
  • Productivity losses

*Fang, X., Brown, D., Florence, C., Mercy, J. (2012) The economic burden of child maltreatment in the United States and implications for prevent.  Child Abuse & Neglect, 36:2,156-165




Safety 1st Program 

Safety 1st Program is for schools and youth-serving organizations to show parents and the community they are dedicated to putting Safety 1st.


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I offer private and customizable trainings for schools and youth-serving organizations. I offer public trainings for parents and individuals. I speak at conferences and community events.

CSA Prevention Training

Child Sexual Abuse is predictable and preventable. Take my training to learn how to predict, prevent, and react to child sexual abuse. This is NOT convered in CA Mandated Reporter Training. That is reactive, my training is preventative!