Educate to Eliminate and Christy Heiskala are often in the media as subject matter experts on child sexual abuse prevention and bystander intervention. If your media would like an expert opinion, use our contact form or call 619-354-9553.

SD Voyager - July 26, 2018

Christy Heiskala was interviewed regarding her work educating on child sexual abuse prevention and being a victim advocate for those who have been abused.

Taylor Ring - June 2018

Hats off to Christy Heiskala, Child Abuse Victim Advocate

Voice of San Diego - April 17, 2018

Don’t Wait for the District to Do the Right Thing

Christy Heiskala’s daughter was abused by her Carlsbad elementary school teacher, a crime for which he eventually received prison time. Angered by the barriers to justice she encountered from the school district and law enforcement, Heiskala now trains families and schools how to spot predatory behavior.

NBC San Diego Channel 7 News

Interviewed Christy Heiskala about the changes Carlsbad Unified School District made in how it handles investigations of staff sexual misconduct. The changes were brought about because of the lawsuit Christy’s daughter and other victims filed against Carlsbad Unified School District for the way they handled the molestation of their daughters by Raymond Firth, a second and third grade teacher at Pacific Rim Elementary school from 2001-2007.