Presitgious Private School Settles Lawsuit for Teacher who Molested Students

"The Marlborough School announced Monday that it has reached a settlement with an unnamed former student who was sexually abused by Joseph Koetters, her English teacher.

The settlement, whose terms are confidential, came just before the case was set to go to trial and one month after the school settled with Chelsea Burkett, 33, who also was sexually abused by Koetters when she was a teenager. The women sued Marlborough for failing to protect them from sexual abuse."

In my professional opinion, as someone who teaches child sexual abuse prevention, the most alarming part of this news report is that it appears the school hired the teacher even though they knew he had previously engaged in unlawful sexual activities. Let's call it what it really is which is child sexual abuse. A minor cannot have a consensual sexual relationship with an adult. Knowing he was a predator and hiring him anyway speaks to the lack of integrity of this school and the person in charge of hiring. I am glad these women were able to get justice.

"Marlborough hired Koetters in 1999, after he taught at the private Viewpoint School in Calabasas. The suit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, claimed that Marlborough "knew, had reason to know and was otherwise on notice that Koetters had previously engaged in unlawful sexual activities."