Poway Unified High School Keeps Teacher after Misconduct with Student


Westview High teacher admitted to sending inappropriate texts to his student for over a year.

What parents need to know is that those messages which you can read in the article from CBS8, were controlling and coercive. The teacher threatening to kick someone's ass if the student went to a dance with a date. His actions were predatory grooming. Even though the minor texted him back, the onus is not on the minor to understand this behavior is wrong. Minors cannot have relationships with adults. Minor's brains do not fully develop until they are around twenty-five years old. The adult is the person who is responsible and is always at fault for any inappropriate behavior. This was clearly a teacher in a position of authority victimizing his student.

Parents should demand that Poway Unified should fire the teacher immediately. There is rarely ever only one victim. The odds are he will re-offend. Poway Unified School District will be liable for each and every victim. 

Parents should also demand that all school staff be trained on child sexual abuse prevention.