La Jolla High Teacher Accused of Sexual Misconduct by multiple students

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More Students Describe Unwanted Touching from La Jolla High Teacher

As a mother who has been through almost this exact scenario (my daughter's 3rd grade teacher who molested her) and now teaches child sexual abuse prevention, I recognize many common mistakes that were made here.

1) Not trusting your gut instinct, this is the #1 skill I train parents to teach their kids. Trust your gut instincts, your body was designed to warn you of danger.

2) Minimizing the teacher's actions, we all do it because teachers are in a position of trust and we want to believe the best.

3) Reports and complaints should always be in writing and demand that a copy be put in the offenders personnel file. Keep a copy for yourself. Be sure it is dated. Send it certified, signature required and send via email with a request for response.

4) No matter how insignificant you believe the behavior was, file a report with police, be sure to speak to someone in charge of sex crimes. Keep a copy of the report. Never rely on the school to do the right thing and never rely on their internal investigations.

5) Always speak up, there is rarely ever only one victim.

All of those actions reported by the student are acts of child sexual abuse. I hope there is a criminal investigation and justice is served. If I were those parents I would get a good civil attorney that has experience specifically in educator sexual misconduct asap.

1 out of 10 students will be a victim of sexual misconduct by school personnel per the US Dept of Education report:…/rese…/pubs/misconductreview/report.pdf

More than 90% of the time victims are abused by someone they know and trust. Parents and school staff need to educate themselves on child sexual abuse prevention, that is the only way we are going to stop this. This is happening every day in every school and yet rarely ever does a school train their staff. Mandated reporter training focuses on reporting NOT preventing.

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