3 Women arrested for sexually abusing a mentally disabled child

Here is a link to the news story.

Did you know that disabled children have the highest rate of molestation? Disabled children are three times more likely to be sexually abused than children without disabilities. For children with mental health and intellectual disabilities that rate jumps to five times more. I have an autistic brother so this story is particularly scary to me. 

"In addition to contributing to the higher rates of sexual abuse against children with disabilities, ableism has structured our responses and supports for children with disabilities around notions of their dependency as opposed to supporting more independence. This has resulted in a culture of compliance that surrounds children with disabilities. Although all children are trained to be compliant to authority figures in our society, compliance is stressed to an even greater degree for children with disabilities. In this environment, children with disabilities are denied the right to say no to everyday choices such as what they will wear or eat, leaving them completely unequipped to say no when someone is trying to hurt them.

Children with disabilities are systematically denied basic information about sexual health and relationships. This practice can be traced to a desire to shield children with disabilities from the realities of life as well as a belief that people with disabilities are asexual. As a result, sexual education is rarely provided in special education classrooms and, when it is, it is not tailored to the needs of children with disabilities. Moreover, family members may have personal anxieties about their children having sex and therefore will not raise such issues with them or the schools. As such, children with disabilities are not taught about their bodies, do not learn to distinguish good touches and bad touches, and are never given a framework for healthy relationships. Without such fundamental lessons, children with disabilities have no language to describe what has happened to them when they are abused."