Teacher allowed to resign after 14 victims accuse him of sexual misconduct

San Dieguito Academy in San Dieguito Union High School District in San Diego County has passed the trash, allowing a predator to move on to another school to victimize students. This teacher has already moved from 3 schools now. 

This article published the Voice of San Diego shows that Donn Boyd was reprimanded for several incidents involving sexual misconduct. The school labels this as inappropriate behavior, however, these are all grooming acts that are sexual misconduct. 

He is now free to go teach anywhere else, just not in their school district. What does this say to parents and the community? It says, we don't care if you go molest students anywhere else, just not in our school district. 

This is why I teach parents to do their own background checks. This teacher will not show up in a background check. Predators do not stop molesting until the day they die, no matter how old or incapacitated they may be. 

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