It's not just the law, it is the right thing to do! Prevention is the key to your students thriving in school and into adulthood. I created this program to help:

Safety 1st Program

Mitigate the risk for kids, staff, and your organization by training your staff on child sexual abuse prevention. Your organization may not survive a sexual abuse claim that can lead to being dropped by an insurance carrier, parents removing their kids, a publicity nightmare, or revocation of your license or charter.

As a parent, there is nothing more important than the safety of my kids. I expect that when I send my kid to school, camp, daycare, church, after-school programs, or sports that those in charge will also treat safety as their #1 priority.


I have created a program for schools, churches, and youth-serving organizations that includes:

Safety first
  • Risk Assessment

  • Risk Management

  • Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training

  • Trauma-Informed Practices

  • Policies & Procedures

  • Routine Maintenance Training

  • Follow-up

  • Marketing emblems that show your organization puts the safety of kids first. Displaying the physical sticker and digital emblem on your website, marketing collateral, employment applications, volunteer agreements, and lobby will deter predators from your organization.

  • Perfect for Professional Development, Certificate of Attendance inlcuded.

Research shows child molesters deliberately target places of employment and volunteer opportunities that give them the most access to their drug of choice - children. Background checks and fingerprint scans will only weed out convicted molesters, more than 90% are never convicted.

Having your staff trained will put predators on notice and deter them from targeting your organization. There are many organizations for predators to choose from as you can see from the multi-million-dollar lawsuits in the media every day.

Carla van Dam, leading Psychologist, says that child molesters deliberately associate themselves with people who have not been trained on grooming behaviors, are too uncomfortable to discuss child sexual abuse prevention, or too polite to speak up when boundaries are crossed.

Mandated Reporter training is not comprehensive, it is focused on reporting, my training is focused on prevention.

Show parents and the community you put student safety first by implementing my Safety 1st training. The return on investment for the minimal amount of time and money is immeasurable. A discount on your insurance premium may even cover it, ask your carrier.

What is measurable is the impact on kids who are abused:

  • Perform lower on cognitive ability, academic achievement and memory assessment

  • Significant increase in truancy and drop-out rates

  • 3 to 5X delinquency and crime

  • 2.2X higher percentage of teen pregnancy

  • PTSD including 2X higher percentage of anxiety, depression, and suicide

  • 3 to 4X higher percentage of substance abuse

  • 2X higher percentage of obesity and eating disorders

  • 30% more likely to have diabetes, cancer, heart problems, stroke or hypertension

  • Life expectancy is 10 to 20 years less than people who have not been abused

95% of Child Sexual Abuse can be prevented through education per the Child Molestation Research and Prevention Institute.