Middle School and High School Curriculum

Required by State of California Department of Education

Sexual Harassment Training and Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training can be offered together to mitigate risk to your student, staff, and organization. California law requires both.

Sexual Assault & Harassment Training 

Building Healthy Relationships

Sexual Harassment Training for Tweens and Teens

The training is delivered in these various formats to keep the students engaged:  

  • Presentation

  • Video

  • Interactive discussions that require student participation

  • Breakout groups that require student participation

  • Student activities that involve writing answers to thought provoking questions

Age-appropriate topics covered:

  • Consent

  • Respect

  • What is Sexual Harassment?

  • What is Sexual Assault?

  • Where do You Draw the Line?

  • Flirting vs Sexual Harassment

  • Sexting

  • Human Trafficking

  • You be the Judge

  • What can I do?

Middle School / Grades 6 – 8 training is two hours long

High School / Grades 9 – 12 training is two hours long

Depending on the total number of students and staff available to assist, the training may require dividing students into different training sessions.