Christy is one of the most passionate advocates for justice involving children and families. Her depth of knowledge and experience has made her a key catalyst in the movement to protect children. Christy is a strategic collaborator and her commitment to social change is unparalleled.
— Kristie Grover, Chelsea's Light Foundation
Google review from ryan landinguin of rl therapy

Google review from ryan landinguin of rl therapy

Christy, I honor you with the I Leap Award for speaking for those who have been abused. You are a stand for children and all people living healthy, abuse-free lives. You are a woman of action. I admire your courage and perseverance.
— Dana Bristol-Smith, Executive Director, Leap to Success
Linkedin recommendation

Linkedin recommendation

This training is a game change. I attended this training hoping to learn about how to spot a child predator. Instead what I learned is the framework I can put in place to not have to spot a child predator. Setting boundaries has changed my life and allowed me to live in less fear about my daughter. I also took steps to set boundaries around a family member that makes me suspicious. I feel more empowered and educated about this issue. I also learned important techniques on how to speak to my daughter about her body. Christy has not only the statistics, but the tools and action you can implement in your own life. This training way exceeded my expectations and should be mandatory for parents and educators.
— Amanda Allen, Attorney and Parent
linkedin recommendation

linkedin recommendation

I attended the child sexual abuse prevention training course provided by Christy and it was organized and very informational. As a Family Law Attorney, I have recommended the course to clients and colleagues. Her personal family story and her passion make this training a must for any adults who have children they love in their lives.
— Puja A. Sachdev, Family Law Attorney, San Diego, CA
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I recently attended Christy Heiskala’s training on Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse. It was an “eye opener”! Her group training workshop covered some alarming stats about child sexual abuse. I realized that “stranger danger” is not so much a worry as people you know and trust may be. The training incorporated education and insights from Christy, an informative video which included interviews from victims and group discussions. The effects of sexual abuse can be so damaging to victims throughout their whole life. I never want this to happen to my child, or any child for that matter. I walked away from Christy’s training with a clear view of how I can prevent this from happening to my daughter and have an awareness of child predator behaviors (since most offenders of children are someone we know). A helpful workbook was also included for us to take home. I now have policies and procedures in place to prevent sexual abuse from happening to my child and others. Thank you for your passion and dedication to this cause Christy!
— Lisa Marie Rowell, mother
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Very informative. It’s heart breaking but the statistics don’t lie; it happens. This class helps you to watch out for signs and helps educate your children as well.
— Yuleni D., San Diego mom
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Christy’s personal experience in dealing with a child predator and the system that protected him has made her a fierce advocate for children. She has persevered through her personal legal battle to protect children in schools, and has dedicated her life to child sexual abuse prevention. She is a tireless and passionate volunteer who moves people to speak up, take action, and help others in need.
— Karleen Harp
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Thank you for all you do and I can hardly wait to see how you change the world one day at a time.
— Pam Congdon, Executive Director, Restore Hope
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I’ve known Christy for about 4 years, and the entire time she has shown to be an incredible voice in the community for child advocacy. Her own experiences within her family as well as their experiences within in the legal system, have given her an unparalleled voice to create changes for the well-being of children everywhere. I would highly recommend her for any events in the realm of child advocacy, especially in the Southern California area.
— Natalia Robert
From Linkedin

From Linkedin

Thank you for all you do to protect children, empower women, and fight rape culture.
— Heather Robert
linkedin recommendation

linkedin recommendation

Christy you are one of the most empathetic and courageous women out there. Your fierce protection of your daughter and ongoing fight for what is right inspires all of us.
— Virginia Kerrigan Ruehrwein, Total Student Support
You are quite a mountain mover and an inspiration!
— April Jack
Christy has taken her well-honed skill set and now has focused them into a worldwide issue that she and her family have personally experienced and triumphed over. Now she is a formidable force for child abuse prevention. I have watched Christy over time and she has persevered against all odds, taken action to elevate this issue all the while collaborating along the way. She is a warrior and champion all wrapped up into one for the well being of children everywhere.
— Karen Van Dyke
Christy Pavano is a passionate, dedicated woman who has taken personal adversity and turned it into positive change for others. An unapologetic and formidable mother, she forged through the legal system to bring her daughter’s molester to justice even though she faced often insurmountable challenges along the way. Now, she puts that same passion into her book and advocacy for other children, paving the way for necessary changes in our laws and public school systems. I worked with Christy on her book and know her to be a person of integrity who follows through on her word. She is fearless and professional, virtues that make her message and her work effective and powerful.
— Candace Conradi