Chrissy Sykes, My Body is My Body has made a great video to play for kids that has multiple songs to teach them about body safety. It is offered any many different languages. For more information visit




Ready for a cat video that will also teach you something?

The Video

So many children are experiencing an online abuse that didn't exist 10 years ago — sextortion. That's why we're launching our Stop Sextortion campaign today, working to break down barriers and spark conversation.

Sextortion can be so isolating and scary that many kids don’t say anything to anyone. Shay Mitchell [yes, from Pretty Little Liars] narrated this video because she knows the impact we can have if we start talking about this issue.

“Too many sextortion victims stay quiet because of shame. We have to spread the word that we have each other’s backs. I want to help victims talk more openly, find resources, find hope and get support.” — Shay Mitchell

Friends, caregivers, educators, companies and policy makers all play a role in keeping kids safe.

Start the conversation before the abuse happens by sharing this video today.

“The reason I didn’t want to speak up is because I was afraid of what the adults in my life might think of me. I thought it was all my fault and I figured that’s what they would tell me.” Female, 14, responding to Thorn Sextortion Survey